Any keen runner’s wardrobe should contain four different top layers. Starting from the skin and working out, you need base layers, T-shirts, mid layers and jackets if you want to run through all seasons comfortably. You can find the best base layers, T-shirts and jackets by clicking those links – this page is dedicated to the mighty mid layer.

This is the most adaptable top in your running arsenal. The mid layer can be worn over a T-shirt or base layer, or next to the skin as the only top you need when the temperature isn’t quite cold enough to double up or warm enough to just wear a T-shirt. Then, in the depths of winter, the mid layer goes over a base layer and under a jacket.

These varying uses mean the mid layer needs to be breathable and sweat-wicking while also offering some protection from the outer elements. Here are some great tops that tread that fine line perfectly.

SOAR Softshell

It might cost more than the rest of your running wardrobe put together, but this softshell jacket is the perfect all-round midlayer. It will keep you dry on drizzly days and warm on frosty mornings, it can be worn next to the skin or over a baselayer comfortably, and the zipped underarm vents and breathable fabric will help you avoid overheating. And it has thumb loops, which always make you feel cosier when running. £199, buy on

Saucony Dash Seamless

While those who live in colder climes can pick out a hundred different types of snow, the British are experts in identifying the exact type of rain (lashing? pouring? mild mizzle?) they are about to step out in, and thus require a running top for each and every type. This long-sleeved T-shirt slips perfectly in the gap between short sleeves and a lightweight jacket, making it a fine choice for drizzly, but not too chilly, days. £60, buy on

North Face Ambition 1/4 Zip

As everyone knows, the two acceptable zip lengths are ¼ zip and full zip – anything else just looks foolish. Although the zip length on this top strays perilously close to the bizarre ½ zip, it just about gets away with it, providing adequate ventilation when unzipped without the top half of the garment flapping around. Further ventilation comes from panels on the back and arms of the top, so you should have no troubles with overheating. £60, buy on

dhb Run Hoodie

This hoodie’s muted styling and relaxed fit means it can be worn anywhere, but naturally it’s at its best for running on fresh mornings and chilly evenings when the thought of heading out in a T-shirt alone is unappealing. It’s a little toastier than some of the other options on this list, so it’s best saved for low-tempo runs or warming up before track sessions. £17.99, buy on

New Balance Precision Run Half Zip

This luxuriously comfortable top does not come cheap, but it provides an excellent lightweight option that can be worn by itself in spring and autumn, and with a base layer or T-shirt in winter. The top also has zip pocket on the back, which is always handy given that many running shorts are pocket-free, and the reflective logo and seams help keep you visible at night. £90 (reduced to £45), buy on

Odlo Imperium Running Top

High-wicking, fast-drying and quite possibly all-singing, this top is at its best when keeping you cool in hot conditions, but also works very well under a mid layer when it’s cold, especially during tempo sessions when you up the pace and the sweat flows. £27, buy on

Iffley Road Sheen

Iffley Road Sheen running top

The rest of the tops we recommend here have long sleeves, but this soft-shell gilet is great for an added boost of warmth on days that don’t quite demand a jacket. Weighing in at a teeny 125g, it folds into its own back pocket and can easily be stowed on your person. What’s more, it has the Holy Trinity on its side: it’s waterproof, windproof and breathable. £135, buy on